Battery Service in Baxley, GA

Auto Battery Repair and Replacement for Ford Vehicles in Baxley, GA

If your battery isn’t working properly, you can suffer a lot of problems just trying to turn your car on. One of the most frustrating things is getting into your car in the morning and having to get a jumpstart because of a dead battery. If you suspect that your vehicle has a battery issue, alleviate these types of headaches by having one of our highly trained technicians at Woody Folsom Ford inspect your battery. Battery problems can be caused by a number of issues including corrosion, a leak, an alternator malfunction, or it might have just be time replace your battery. If there is a solution to fixing your current battery, you can rest assured that our technicians will find it. We will never suggest a new battery if it is not necessary, however if a new battery is needed we can recommend the one that is right for your Ford. We can even install it for you so that everything is taken care of at once. We offer affordable prices on battery repair, new batteries, and battery installation, so don’t wait another minute to have your battery checked out. If you’re in Baxley, Warner Robins, Valdosta, GA, or Jacksonville, FL visit the Service Center at Woody Folsom Ford today for all of your battery related needs